Take Your Floor From Run-Down to Elegant

Ask our local flooring contractor how to improve your floor in Columbus, OH

Over the years, your floors will get worn down, scratched and stained. These little defects can add up and make your whole space look less polished. When you want to improve your room's look, start with the floor. Beeline Floors can provide the professional flooring services you need in Columbus, OH.

Count on our local flooring contractor, for:

Luxury vinyl flooring installation | Luxury vinyl flooring replacement | Luxury vinyl flooring repair | Hardwood flooring refinishing | Hardwood flooring buffing and coating

We'll make sure your floors look stunning and create the right impression on your guests. Call 614-657-3742 today for a free estimate from our crew.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Get the stability of vinyl and the look of wood, stone or ceramic.

Hardwood Finishing

Hardwood Finishing

Sand down the surface of your hardwood floor to make it look like new.

3 reasons that Beeline Floors is the right contractor for you

When you choose a flooring contractor, you need one you can depend on to handle anything from professional vinyl flooring installation to hardwood refinishing. That's where our local flooring contractor comes in. You can put your confidence in us because:

  • We're reputable vinyl and hardwood flooring specialists.
  • Home and business owners have been counting on us for professional flooring service since 2002.
  • Our company owner draws from more than 20 years of experience providing both luxury vinyl and hardwood services, including hardwood finishing services.